As a caregiver, is there anything I should consider before my loved one is enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program?

If your loved one is subject to sensory overload, it is highly recommended that you prepare them prior to being enrolled in the Project Lifesaver program. This process may greatly reduce the stress on your loved one and those caring for them once they are enrolled.

First you should consider if it is best that the transmitter will be worn on their wrist or ankle. If it is decided your loved one will wear the transmitter on their wrist, it is important for you to realize which their dominant hand is. The dominant hand will be the wrist that those enrolling your loved one will want to place the transmitter. If your loved one is ambidextrous, the choice will be for you or your family.

Once the wrist of choice is identified, it is recommended that you have your loved one become familiar with wearing something on their wrist at all times, whether it is a watch, band, bracelet or something similar. This may be trying at first but with consistency and patience, your loved one will eventually accept the presence on them.

The purpose of this preparation is to reduce the stress for them wearing the transmitter as at first your loved one will most likely pick at or attempt to pull it off themselves.

Placing a transmitter on the ankle is sometimes less stressful for an individual and is an option to consider. This option is also available if it is decided the individual cannot accept wearing the transmitter on their wris