What takes place during enrolment?

Once arrangements for a representative to enroll your loved one have been made, a representative will attend your residence. They will have a copy of the Client Contract for you or a family member to sign and will complete a data collection sheet and collect any necessary paperwork.  They will explain and provide a Vial of Life and explain the reporting procedure if your loved one goes missing. They will also collect enrollment and monthly fees (monthly fees may be provided in a lump sum or by monthly pre-authorized debit). They will then explain the testing procedure and how to complete the daily log form and fit your loved one with a transmitter.

Before our representative leaves your property, they will ensure the transmitter is working properly and take a few notes regarding the surrounding of your home which includes GPS coordinates and any potential hazards for a wanderer.

The time needed to enroll a client will vary but can usually be completed in approximately one and a half hours.